Alastria hosts its first applications and use cases

Alfonso de la Rocha
4 min readMar 20, 2018

The past few weeks have been pretty intense for the Alastria Platform technical team. We have been facing some problems that have forced us to restart the network, but we are back and ready.

Last week we requested partners to start deploying some of their applications and use cases in the network, to see how it responded with real traffic. Alastria is still in a test-net state, so you can not deploy a production-ready application, but we wanted to check how would the network behave when running real application over the infrastructure. We have faced some minor bugs and errors that we have already solved but, overall, the results have been really good.

From our part, in Minsait we have deployed some of the use cases we have already developed and used in production, to show the power of Alastria, and how the network is becoming more mature and production-ready.

  • StampIt: StampIt allows you to verify that the content of any electronic file (documents, images, multimedia, etc.) has not been modified, and that it existed at an specific moment in time. With StampIt, you can register your electronic file in the blockchain. The system will register the hash of the file along with a timestamp so any user provided with the file can verify its integrity through StampIt. The benefits of deploying StampIt over Alastria is that all the information about your registered files is “audited” by every node in the Alastria network. You can try StampIt over Alastria here.
  • TokenIt: TokenIt is our tokenization solution. It is a platform that allows the creation of tokens for a great gamut of use cases in an easy way. With TokenIt you can create, for instance, a token for employee recognition (so employees can pinpoint the “great performers” of the company), tokens for a compensation system between organizations, a token for participatory budgets or any other kind of token for currency purposes (local trade, cultural currency, etc.).
  • TraceIt: TraceIt is our traceability and proof of origin platform over blockchain. TraceIt enables the traceability of all the life cycle of a product or physical assets in a transparent and immutable way. TraceIt may be applied to a great gamut of use cases. From the traceability and transfer of luxury goods, to the proof of origin of organic products. Every participant in the life cycle of these products registers in the blockchain the stage of the life cycle of the product in which they have intervened (property changes, fabrication stages, etc.), that may be afterwards verified by any user or company in the system.
  • EPE: EPE is our Alastria Private Explorer. It allows you to easily explore all the transactions and blocks validated by the network, along with all their related public information. With EPE you can also search for an specific transaction through its address in order to check its public information. Try EPE here.

These use cases serve as an example of the type of applications that can be deployed and benefit from being hosted in Alastria. They are a contribution from Minsait to the Alastria Ecosystem, and everyone in the community can use them freely. Even more, our idea is that this applications will be enhanced so that Alastria and its community can benefit from them. Currently, through the use of these applications we aim to ease the detection of potential bugs and problems in the network. If you want more information about these use cases you can contact me, or use the contact information in the application websites.

In the next week, in the Alastria Platform technical team we will focus the next weeks on conducting several performance evaluations to analyze the current limits of the infrastructure. In order to release Alastria’s main-net we need to ensure that every partner will be able to deploy a stable application without service falls or major problems. Therefore, I invite every partner to deploy its own test application over Alastria, detect bugs and errors and let us know about them in order to solve them ASAP. Let’s work together to bring Alastria’s main-net to live.